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What's in this series? 

The basic obedience series contains lessons on all the essential basic tools to teach your dog self control and enable you to position and control them.  Teaching you how to develop a reliable recall, a reliable "leave it," how to crate train your dog and much much more.  

The series episode guide is as follows:

Video 1 - Sit, down and Stand:
Teach your dog how to Sit, lie down and Stand back up again. 

Video 2 - Watch Me and Leave It. 
Teach your dog to give you their attention with a watch me command and start developing a bond between you and your dog.  Increase your dogs self control 

Teach your dog to "leave it" on command and increase their self control further. 

Video 3 - Touch and Give:
Learn how to position your dog with the Touch command and learn how to get your dog to give you items that they have picked up.  

Video 4 - Recall and Crate Training

Learn  how to get your dog to come back to you reliably with our recall training.  

Provide your dog with the perfect place to sleep and feel safe and learn how to take advantage of crate training. 

Video 5 - Examining your dog and Waits & Stays

Learn how to examine your dog 

Teach your dog how to Stay in one position until you release them.  

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Purchase individual videos in the series and watch the trailer below

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Begin building a bond with your dog now

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Teach your dog to display self control


Teach your dog simple commands like "Sit"

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