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Dog Training Classes

Dog training classes with Jim at Etching Hill or Great Haywood, Staffordshire in the UK. 


Be taught by Jim at one of our dog training classes. 

Join us at one of our two dog training class locations to learn basic obedience skills, socialise your dog and meet friendly like minded dog owners.  

Classes are delivered in a relaxed non-judgemental way with the emphasis of getting your dog to focus on you. 

We also run advanced obedience classes where you can learn extra skills like directional control, stopping your dog or getting them to stay for extended periods of time. 

Learn scent discrimination skills

Teach your dog to search for specific smells and tell you when they've found them.  

Dogs that attend our scent classes are taught to smell a target smell presented to them by the handler.  The handler and dog are then taught how to search for the corresponding smell in the search environment.  

Once the dog has identified the correct smell, they are taught to indicate this to the handler.  

All dogs are capable of being taught how to search and it is a great way to mental stimulate you and your dog.  

Join us at our two classes in Etching Hill and Great Haywood. 

Watch puppy Valour practising

Great Haywood Dog Class

Tuesday Evenings  


Puppy/Beginner Obedience - 17:30 - 18:15

Scent discrimination - 18:15 - 19:00