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What's in this series? 

This course is great for everyone interested in dogs - from beginners, (those who've just bought their first puppy or are thinking about buying one) to experienced dog owners who want to understand their dog better and become more efficient at training their dog.

It is the first in a series of training modules designed to help you train your dog to become more obedient and to teach them how to search for things using their nose.

The series episode guide is as follows:

Video 1 - Basic needs:
Bonding with your dog and why it is important to you and your training;
Labelling dogs and what labels achieve;
Basic Needs - what are they and how can they help your training?;
Physical reactions - whats going on inside your dog?

Video 2 - Body Language:
Reading your dogs body language - signs of anxiety, happiness, 
Your Body language and how to use it to benefit your training
Body language signs
Teach your do to focus on you - 'watching you' demonstration.

Video 3 - Rewards:
How do dogs learn?
What to reward your dog
The Reward scale
Marking behaviour

Video 4 - Getting the most out of training sessions:
Before you begin
The Training Environment
Training complex tasks
Keeping a record

Video 5 - Entertaining your dog and unlocking the nose:
Using the Nose
Puzzle Solving
Course Summary

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