Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Training Class Plan

    Every month
    Allows you to attend our training classes
    • Great Haywood Training Class
    • Etching Hill Training Class
    • Reduced rate sessions
    • Allows you to book one single session per week
    • Keeps your space open each month if you are unable to attend
    • Gives you access to our videos
  • Double Sessions Plan

    Every month
    For Obedience and Scent Class customers -2 sessions per week
    • Etching Hill Training Class
    • Great Haywood Memorial Hall Class
    • Book up to 2 sessions per training night at a reduced rate
    • Or - Book a Scent Class & one other (Basic or Advanced)
    • Or - Book two dogs onto one training class
    • Access to our online videos
    • Keep your space open even if you cant attend
  • Foundation Series

    The Full foundation course containing 5 videos
    • Part 1- Basic Needs - What you should fulfil during training
    • Part 2 - Body Language - How to understand your dog
    • Part 3 - Rewards - How to get your dogs focus with rewards
    • Part 4 - Setting up training - Getting the most of sessions
    • Part 5 - Extras and unlocking the nose
  • VIP Video Access

    Access to all videos for VIP customers
    • Full access to all video training material
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